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We want to partner with classroom teachers, counselors and school staff to support character education instruction and to reinforce the great messages from our assemblies. Invite NED into your classroom with free lesson plans, activities, resources and classroom décor to inspire and motivate kids to be of strong character.

NED can help instill a positive attitude and mindset about learning when kids understand how their brain can grow. These Growth Mindset lessons and resources can help your students achieve their potential, embrace challenges, persists in the face of setbacks, and see mistakes and failures as a necessary step to grow and master useful skills.

Growth Mindset Lesson Plans

  • Vocabulary definitions
  • Discussion starters and questions to check for understanding
  • Engaging writing prompts
  • Printable activites and resources

Assembly Recap, K-6

Includes Activities

4 pages – PDF

Intro to Growth Mindset, K-2

Includes Activities

7 pages – PDF

Intro to Growth Mindset, 3-6

Includes Activities

5 pages – PDF

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