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Read recent reviews for NED's Mindset Mission assembly and follow-up resources.


We value the feedback we receive from the schools we visit. The impressions we leave behind are important to us as we strive to positively impact more students every year.  We’re thankful for the schools that partner with us and agree this is a message worth sharing.

What are KIDS saying about NED's Mindset Mission?



“Don’t quit… you just need more time.” -4th grade student

“I need to let go of ‘I know’ because I can always improve.” -5th grade student

“Just because something is hard, doesn’t mean you can’t do it.” -4th grade student

“I can't read this" the other said. "No not YET, you can't read it yet, but you will.” -Two second graders in library

“I realized that if I just keep taking the next step, I can learn more.” -5th grade student

“NED was awesome!!!”  -1st grade student

What are EDUCATORS saying about NED's Mindset Mission?

"Oh my goodness! Our students were SO excited before, during and after the presentation." January 2019

"The performance was amazing! The kids were excited, engaged and definitely entertained."

January 2019

"Your performer really brought the house down with all of his enthusiasm and zest for this mindset message.
The kids really felt and got into it." October 2018
"I wanted to say a MASSIVE thank you! Your performer was fantastic – you can see she has a passion for her show and delivering to kids. The show was just fabulous and so cleverly written to get the message across. Thank for a brilliant show that is needed for today’s kids." August 2018 "I wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed NED’s Mindset Mission show this morning. Your performer was entertaining, inspiring, knowledgeable, thorough and delightful during his presentation. The students learned so much. 
Thank for this fabulous program.” October 2018
"Our school LOVED IT! My principal and assistant principal already want you to come back next school year. I have a counselor meeting tomorrow for all of the elementary school counselors in our county 
and I will spread the word." January 2019
"We loved NED’s Mindset Mission. The layout of the program with the message, student participating, and a level of entertainment was phenomenal. I don’t say that lightly as today’s students have to be entertained or they check out. Thank you for sharing your show with us." November 2018 "Our assembly went great. Our teachers keep thanking me for making this happen. We have embraced the message and are already having great conversations. We’d like to schedule NED’s Kindness Adventure for next year and possibly do the two assemblies on a rotating basis year after year." December 2018
"I just wanted to thank you. The kids loved the assembly. Our principal was so impressed.
He said is we only do one assembly next year he wants NED." February 2019
"Thank you so much for everything. The whole school community is still talking about it. We’ve had students writing notes to their teachers telling them about how important they think NED’s mission is. Our kids are practicing and getting better with their yo-yos, we’ve included NED’s messages in our morning announcements and teachers are reinforcing it in their classrooms. Our instructional team is reviewing some of the resources form your website. Overall it was a wonderful and meaningful experience for everyone!" November 2018 "We had to reach out to you to say “thank you” for providing such an awesome presentation. We have had your show many times but today something special happened. We have had a student who has had a rough go at it but today was different. For the first time in 40 plus days since he has been at our school, he sat on the floor and intensely watched the performance. He laughed and thoroughly enjoyed himself. Our staff had a WOW moment as they all saw something affect him in a positive manner. Thanks for showing us there is a light in ALL of our students." February 2019
"The show was AMAZING. It’s been awesome hearing the kids talking about their new learning and applying NED principals in their classes and on the playground." September 2018
"Our kids loved it and a teacher already said she used the “yet” word. A student said that she couldn’t do math and the teacher came back with “NOT YET”. The student got a big smile on her face and ended up doing what she needed to do." January 2019 "Thank you so much for this awesome assembly. I have received a ton of positive feedback from my staff. They felt the message was powerful and the delivery was top notch. During parent teacher conferences, a mom told the teacher how much impact the power of “yet” had on her daughter." February 2019
"We are so happy with NED’s Mindset Mission show. The message really resonated with our students 
and we appreciate the gift of YET you gave our students." January 2019
"This program came to us at the right time. My teachers have been doing a book student on “growth mindset” and NED’s Mindset Mission helped reinforce the thought process of growth mindset. Thank you for sharing with us." January 2019 "Our kids loved the characters, the yo-yo tricks and the overall idea of the assembly. We refer to the message a lot. Every time a kid tells me they can’t do it, I come back with a great big “YET!” and always get a smile. It’s a powerful performance and the kids are using the lingo, too! Thanks for allowing us to bring this to our school." January 2019
"At our Professional Learning Community meeting last Friday, 
one grade level was raving about the online resources. Thank you!" February 2019
"We always love NED! The message is easily relatable and can be carried throughout the year with the lessons on the website (which we have been using!)" January 2019 "My students love NED’s Mindset Mission. They came back to the classroom and asked when we’d get to do some of the things from the website." September 2018
"It was a great experience and great way to remind students about positivity and kindness. 
Many of my teachers have been using the supplemental materials in class and I have been sharing 
the NED message on our morning announcements." September 2018
"Great job! I have had many chances to talk to kids how they will have to work at learning to yo it never give to get better. Kids have come back to tell me they persevered and learned a hard trick (or the easiest move!)" October 2018 "What a great program! We have had an overwhelming positive response since the moment the performer walked in, stepped on stage, and held 550 kids captive with her fascinating and engaging performance. Today was day 1 of yo-yo sales and we have made a significant amount to help pay this forward. We have a NED zone for yo-yo play and we are using the lesson plans as part of our growth mindset and responsive classroom initiatives. I cannot tell you how perfectly the overall theme fits with our school theme. “Mission: Possible”." November 2018