Product videos

Equipment Videos

These three videos will teach you everything you need to know about the working parts of your yo-yo. Find the yo-yo that you'd like to know more about, and let our esteemed instructor show you new details and exciting tips!

Boomerang Yo-Yo

(Yeti Yo)

Equipment video for the boomerang yo-yo

Cosmic Spin 2 / EXCELerator Yo-Yo


(Go Yo and UFO yo)

Equipment video for the Cosmic Spin yo-yo
Equipment video for the NED yo-yo

Learn To Yo Foundations

These six videos will teach you what you’ll need to know to play with your yo-yo. You will learn how to: play safely, prepare your yo, throw your yo, wind up your yo, and change the string. You will also learn all about the hitch.

How to Adjust Your String

How to Throw Your Yo-Yo

What is the Hitch?

Yo-Yo Safety

How to Change Your String

How to Wind Your Yo-Yo

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