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Answers to Common Yo-Yo Questions:

Q: Do the yo-yos light up?

Our ‘NED Yo’ style yo-yos all have glow-in-the-dark side pogs and the entire casing on the green Ned Yo glows in the dark.


Q: My yo-yo isn’t working properly. What do I do?

The Learn to Yo Equipment and Foundation videos will answer most questions on how to use your yo and fix common set-up issues. If you still have questions after watching, contact our Customer Care team with an explanation of how the yo-yo is malfunctioning (it is possible there is an easy fix). Be sure to indicate the style and color of the yo-yo if you need a replacement.


Q: I’ve watched all the videos and my yo-yo is still not working properly. How can I replace it?

If your school sale is still running, return the yo to your school for a free replacement. If your school sale is over, contact our Customer Care team. Defective items will be replaced by new product and shipped to you at no charge. Be sure to indicate your mailing address, the color, and item name if you need a replacement.


Q: Can we buy NED items directly from your company?

Yes. Visit Shop


Q: Do you have a store in my city that sells NED merchandise?

Once your school sale (typically during the week following your assembly) has ended, our online store Shop NED is the exclusive source for all things NED.



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Q: How are the three styles of yo-yos different?


The NED Yo is a great beginner yo-yo designed for an easy return to your hand after each throw (also known as an “up and down easy”).



Glow-in-the-dark pog

Hitched for quick return

Butterfly style

Can be adjusted for
advanced play

EXCELerator is designed for advanced tricks. It is a ‘sleeper-style’ yo-yo.

EXCELerator® Yo

Professional ball-bearing yo

Long spins for string tricks

The Boomerang is an innovative yo-yo with a built-in clutch that can ‘sleep’ (stay spinning after you throw) and auto-return to your hand on its own.


Boomerang® Yo

Built-in clutch/auto-return


NOTE: "O" ring may be
black or clear.

Red Boomerang yo-yo front view
Red Boomerang yo-yo side view
Black Cosmic Spin yo-yo front view
Black Cosmic Spin yo-yo side view
Orange NED Yo-Yo front view
Orange NED Yo-yo side view

Both the NED Yo and the Cosmic can be set up for beginner or advanced play based on how the string is placed around the axle (see our Learn to Yo videos for instructions).