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Frequently asked questions

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  • Is NED's Mindset Mission the same as The NED Show?

    In 2018-19, The NED Show storyline was rewritten and the show updated and named, NED’s Mindset Mission. NED is the same loveable character with the same message: Never Give Up, Encourage Others, and Do Your Best but in this new story, he goes on a mission to discover his mindset for learning. He travels to 3 amazing places and learns more about the message in his name and discovers some new truths about the power of “YET”, the courage in encouragement and letting go of “I KNOW” so that you can learn and grow. NED’s Mindset Mission will begin performing across the country and internationally during the 2018-19 school year.


  • How long is NED's Mindset Mission assembly

    The assembly is 45 minutes of non-stop energy and interaction. If your school is hosting multiple shows please allow for a 30-minute break between shows.


  • What grades is the program designed for?

    Our show is designed for students in Kindergarten through Sixth Grade. (Parochial K-8th grade).

  • What does the performer need for the show?

    The school is asked to provide a 6 to 8 feet-long table, small desk and a small wastepaper basket in the performance area.

  • How many kids can come to each show? Can my school have more than one show?

    Our show was developed for an all-school audience and is best received with the entire school present. We typically will perform a single show for up to 600 students. Seating is camp-style. Please contact an Account Executive for more details.

  • Who presents the assembly?

    One of our highly-trained, professional performers will put on the entire assembly. NED’s Mindset Mission is packed full of positive imagery, fun illustrations, family-friendly examples, magical illusions, and yo-yo tricks and that will engage and educate students. Each performer is subject to background checks and and drug screening.

    Learn more about our performers.


  • How much does NED's Mindset Mission assembly cost?

    We offer three choices when hosting our show, including our

    no cost, Pay-It-Forward® Cover Charge payment option.


    Pay-It-Forward Cover Charge No cost to you because another school had paid the cover charge for your students.


    Standard Cover Charge – $1,400

    (Pays the cover charge for all of your students.)


    NED Deluxe Cover Charge – $1,500-2,300 (Pays the cover charge for each student, and purchases a NED-messaged yo-yo for every student.)

  • How does the no cost, Pay-It-Forward® Cover Charge Payment Option work?

    The Pay-It-Forward Cover Charge payment option is a unique way to bring our program to your school at no cost, covering each of your students' entry fee to the show. Instead of paying a flat fee to handle the cover charge for each of your students, proceeds from a previous school's sales are accepted as payment for your students' cover charge entry fees to your show and your sales pay it forward to another school. These items reinforce multi-sensory learning and are tangible reminders that increase a student's ability to retain the message long after the assembly. There is no minimum sale requirement and all items come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


    This option means your budget doesn't become a factor in whether or not you can share NED's character-building principles with your students.


    Learn more about our Pay-It-Forward® payment option  here...

  • So what’s the catch? This sounds too good to be true.

    Literally there are no strings attached (pun intended). All for KIDZ is exactly what our name says. We have a passion to reach as many kids as possible and create change in every child who sees our show and hears the NED message. It’s about the message. That’s why we do what we do.


  • What is a NED Rewards Gift Certificate?

    When a school's Pay-It-Forward sale exceeds $1400, the school receives a NED certificate for 10% of the entire sale amount.

    NED Rewards Gift Certificates are redeemable for NED messaged school supplies on

  • When can we expect to receive our NED Certificate?

    Once our warehouse receives your unsold product and payment, it typically takes 3 weeks to process your certificate. The certificate is emailed to the person who confirmed the booking.

  • We haven't received our NED Certificate what should we do?

    Please contact our accounting department to check on the status of your gift certificate.


  • When is NED's Mindset Mission available in my area?
    Do you post your tour schedule on the web?

    Our show slots can fill up quickly! Call us to find out when we’re in your neck of the woods. If we don’t travel to your area of the country regularly, we can work with you to set up a tour in the future, particularly if you are able to help us find nearby schools that also want to host NED's Mindset Mission.

  • Who is All for KIDZ?

    All for KIDZ, Inc. is the parent company that produces The NED Shows. Our goal is to encourage kids and communities through character education assemblies and free online resources for teachers, counselors, kids and families. The NED Show, NED’s Kindness Adventure and NED’s Mindset Mission visited over 6,500 schools in the US, CAN, UK, AU and NZ last year.


    All for KIDZ is not affiliated or associated with any religious or political philosophy. Additionally, we do not receive any outside funds for our Pay-It-Forward program yet we are able to offer your school this payment option that does not take funds from your school budget. Our Pay-It-Forward model and the generosity of each community keeps the assembly visiting the next school and inspiring more kids to Never give up, Encourage others, do their Best, and Be Kind. Each school year, more than 2 million kids see an amazing performance and hear a positive, motivating message. All for KIDZ’s purpose is to help students and schools achieve their highest potential through continued development of positive character traits.


  • Where is All for KIDZ® located?

    The majority of our passionate staff of 60 is headquartered just north of Seattle in Lynnwood, WA. We also have an office in Jacksonville, Florida. Our 20+ full-time performers live in major cities throughout the US.

  • Can we get an insurance rider for your performance?

    Yes. If your district requires proof of insurance, we can provide a certificate of insurance at no cost.

  • Can we run this assembly as an awards assembly?

    NED’s Mindset Mission was designed as an all-school assembly because ALL students deserve to hear the message that they can be champions. We have high demand from schools that want to bring the show to all their kids, so we perform the show for as large of an audience as possible.

  • Do you have a one-page overview that I could show my principal, school counselor or PTA?


  • Do you perform shows internationally?

    Yes. NED’s Mindset Mission travels to the United Kingdom typically in June and early July. We tour Australia and New Zealand in late July and early August. We also present shows in Canada (except for  Quebec) throughout the regular school year. Contact an Account Executive for more information about a tour in your area.

  • What content is in your programme?

    Our programme focuses on character development. The message of NED is simple: Never Give up, Encourage Others, Do Your Best and if students strive to be more like NED, they will have a great mindset for learning. We hear stories every day about how our programme has had a positive influence on the general culture and behaviour of entire student populations.